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Neal Kara & Tulsi Patel — Minted

Neal Kara


Tulsi Patel

Neal Kara and Tulsi Patel

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Our Story

Our story began the way many couples’ stories begin these days, on a dating app. We both swiped right and we “matched.” This happened for the first time in 2019, as I was getting ready to move to Ohio for nursing school. We talked for a few weeks, and while things were going well I realized that I’d be in Ohio for about 2 years. So in typical online dating fashion, I ghosted him. Fast forward to 2021, I was back in New York, and back on the dating apps. I came across a familiar face and swiped right again, thinking he had forgotten about me. Surprisingly, we “matched” again, this time making it past the “talking” phase and getting to the first date. One date turned into many, weeks turned into months and now we’re looking forward to sharing this next milestone with our closest friends and family.